NOVOMEK group of companies collects basic information about suppliers of goods, works and services for inclusion in the list of potential suppliers. To register in the database, you must fill in the fields below. Fields marked with * are obligatory. In the form it is possible to attach an official letter addressed to the General Manager, a commercial proposal, price list, catalog and other necessary information.
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The Supplier hereby confirms that he has read and agrees with the principles of the procurement policy of the NOVOMEK Group of companies and the"Supplier Code of Conduct"

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Procurement policy
Procurement of services and works can be:
• Open
• Closed

Any person can participate in an Open Procurement. In case of Closed Procurements - only persons specially invited for this purpose can participate. The NOVOMEK group of companies has the right to determine the method of purchasing services at its sole discretion.

The procurement policy for commodities and materials, services and works for the needs of the companies of the NOVOMEK group has been developed in order to timely and fully meet the needs for commodities and materials, services and works, perfecting the order and increase the efficiency and transparency of procurement. The policy applies to the procurement of commodities and materials, services and works carried out by the NOVOMEK group of companies and its branches, as well as managed enterprises of the NOVOMEK group of companies, which are functionally subordinate to the holding company. The policy was developed in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law dd. July 18, 2011 No. 223-FZ "On procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of legal entities" and other statutory and regulatory enactments of the Russian Federation, generally accepted rules, established in the world practice in the field of procurement. Procurement procedures are neither regulated by Articles 447-449, Part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, nor deemed public tenders and are not regulated by Articles 1057-1061, Part 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The main principles of the Company's procurement policy:

• The principle of continuity of the operating procedure. The company aspires to provide the managed enterprises with the necessary goods and services in a seamless manner, avoiding downtime and emergencies

• Principle of interaction. All stages of the procurement process, as well as production services and procurement departments are marked by complex relationship to ensure timely deliveries

• The principle of economic efficiency. Taking into account the desired characteristics of the purchased goods and services, procurement services strive to minimize the procurement costs

• The principle of partnership. The company aspires to build its relationships with suppliers and contractors on a long-term and mutually advantageous basis.

• The principle of competition and openness. The company selects suppliers and contractors on the basis of unrestricted competition, taking into account the requirements for them in terms of reliability and safety of dealmaking. The company aspires for maximum market reach for purchased products and services provided in the process of selecting suppliers and contractors

• The principle of centralization and decentralization. The company implements a centralized approach to procurement of groups of goods for which it is economically feasible, but also strengthen relations with regional suppliers at the level of the controlled enterprises.

• Principle of intelligent oversight. The company undertakes ongoing efforts in terms of internal and external control, analyzing the timeliness of execution of orders of customer enterprises, the standard of offered prices, the quality of products purchased and services provided, reliability of suppliers and contractors, potential risks

• Principle of standardization of the procurement process. The company aspires for maximum transparency in the procurement process. Procurement procedures are carried out mainly using the electronic trading platform
The Prequalification procedure is aimed at expanding the list of potential contractors carrying out deliveries of goods, rendering services, performing work for the needs of enterprises belonging to the NOVOMEK group of companies.

Procurement procedures in accordance with the subject of Prequalification will be carried out only among the companies included in the register of potential contractors that have passed Prequalification in the field of business.

The companies that have passed the Prequalification in the field of business will be invited to participate in procurement procedures for the relevant field of business in good faith.

Subsequent to the results of the Prequalification procedure, a decision is made of whether to include or to refuse the participant of the procedure in the register of potential contractors meeting the requirements and needs of the customer.

A participation letter for Prequalification is submitted in accordance with the "Documentation" form.

Announced Prequalifications:

We look forward to welcoming you at the prequalification procedure in the direction of Project development.

A participation letter for Prequalification is submitted in accordance with the "Documentation PCF P" form. A specified list of information and documents required to be provided is presented in the specified form.

Fundamental terms for prequalification:
• Any legal entity or individual entrepreneur can participate in prequalification. For the purpose of being included in the Register of Potential Contractors, the Participant must have the following competence:
• Satisfy the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation for persons supplying goods, performing work, rendering services;
• Have a positive business reputation;
• Have a stable financial position;
• Have an experience in providing services, performing works that are the subject of prequalification;
• Ensure the quality of goods, provision of services, performance of work
• Be in a possession of the necessary material and technical base and have a sufficient number of staff personnel with the appropriate qualifications for the provision of services, performance of work;
• Posess all the necessary permits and licenses, including personnel qualification for the provision of services, performance of relevant work.
• By submitting an Application for participation in prequalification, the participant agrees with the following conditions:
— The customer has the right to conduct an on-site technical audit at the objects specified by the prequalification participant (office, warehouses, production capacities, objects of previously executed services, objects of subcontracting organizations, etc.);
— The Customer has the right to request the required information about the potential Contractor in executive government agencies, as well as from legal entities and individuals specified in the Application.
— Employees of a potential prequalification participant provide assistance to the Customer's representatives in conducting a technical audit:
a) provide the necessary information on the audit;
b) provide access for the Customer's representatives to the territory, premises and other facilities of a potential Contractor;
c) provide premises for the committee's work, office equipment, and so on.
The Customer has the right to:

• make modifications in the Prequalification Documentation at any time before the deadline for submitting Applications;
• refuse to take part in prequalification at any time before consummation;

Applications are considered within 60 working days.

Prequalification is not a bidding for a contract (tender, auction) or a public tender in accordance with Articles 447-449 of part 1 and Articles 1057-1061 of part 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and does not impose on the Organizer and the Customer the obligations established by the specified articles of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

In case you are interested in participating in this Prequalification, please provide the documentation by 01.09.2021.

Application for participation is a filled in "Documentation PCF P" form sent to the contact address specified in this Notice.

Materials for downloading

Documentation on the Prequalification procedure in the field of "Project development"
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Consent form for the processing of personal data
Contacts for suppliers
St. Petersburg, 199106, Bolshoy prospect of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 78. Bldg B

Frequently asked questions
Have you received the filled in data?
In case you see the following information when you click the "Register" button, your information has been added to the database.

In case of confirmation of the data put in the form and passing the check by the Security Department, your company will be included in the list of potential suppliers.

If there is an error when filling out the form, you need to make a print screen and send it via mail with a description of the problem.
When will they call/write/give me some feedback?
Filling out the form does not guarantee feedback from NOVOMEK. A request will be sent at your address in case of a need for the commodities and materials or services specified by you.

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