Flotation enrichment methods
Production engineering aimed at increasing the profitability of a facility. Addressing this problem in the conditions of variability of the refinable raw materials on the basis of modern control and analytics:
• creation of a new knowledgebase on manufacturing processes based on modern methods of electrochemical control and automation tools;
• analysis of the generated infomedia using methods of in-depth statistics, including elements of neural network modeling as part of digital technologies;
• technological interpretation of the obtained results of mathematical modeling of flotation processes;
• testing and introduction of new reagents of Russian and foreign manufacture
Electrochemical control of the flotation process

The method of electrochemical control provides the following possibilities:
• development of a new methodology for studying the enrichability by studying the electrochemical properties of ores;
• ionometric mapping of industrial flotation operations;
• development of principles for modifying process water in order to increase the technological parameters of the beneficiation plant;
• optimization of the reagent mode based on modern automation tools;
• operational control of the flotation process and the formation of diagnostic potency-grams of the ionic composition of the pulp;
• typification of refinable raw materials in industrial conditions in real time
Gravitational enrichment methods

Addressing the problems aimed at increasing the complexity of mineral resources reclamation, increasing the efficiency of processing primary mineral products and obtaining new marketable products, our company conducts the following studies:
• exploration of the possibility of preconcentration of mineral raw materials by the method of dense medium separation;
• development of a combined enrichment technology, including both preconcentration of primary mineral products and production of finished gravity concentrate using various equipment
Analytics and control
Elemental composition analysis test of ores, surrounding formations and ore processing products by X-ray spectrometry analysis. Creation of methods for determining the material composition for various models of X-ray spectrometry equipment
Primary mineral product Research
Our Mineralogical Department performs all stages of a comprehensive mineral analysis. Handling of specimens for research is carried out using modern equipment of domestic and foreign production (GEOTUL (ГЕОТУЛ), Struers), as well as the expendable materials of an upscale quality.

Petrographic and mineralographic studies of ores are carried out on modern polarizing microscopes of Olympus brand equipped with high-resolution digital cameras.
Evaluation of the degree of release of useful ore constituents, as well as the type of ore and beneficiary aggregates, is carried out using the specialized software "Mineral C7 (Минерал С7)" by SIAMS. It is also possible to perform the separation of ore minerals and study the products using stereomicroscopy methods.

Works on semiquantitative assessment of the mineral composition of milled ores are carried out using a Bruker X-ray powder diffraction apparatus.
Development and improvement of the beneficiation technology for ore beneficiation plants

• development of regulations and processing technologies aimed at improving technical-and-economic indices of the enterprise;
• plant audit performance;
• routine maintenance of the main technological processes

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