The department of automation of the company provides design, development, production and commissioning of all types of automated equipment and all systems of the industrial process automation section. Highly-skilled professionals work in all departments of the division for high-quality fulfillment of all customer needs on a tight schedule.

The full range of the department's work with the customer consists of:
∙ Preliminary technical consultations and discussion of the customer's needs
∙ Pre-project inspection of the facility (design engineers visit the facility at first hand)
∙ Design stage of the industrial process automation section and development of design documentation (using the most modern CAD systems: EPLAN, AutoCAD, Revit)
∙ Equipment production (we work with all global manufacturers of ACS components, assembly is carried out at our production site in St. Petersburg and at the sites of our partners. Highly qualified software engineers, employees of our company, are engaged in software development. All equipment goes through all the necessary stages of certification and has a complete set of documentation)
∙ Supply of equipment (we take into account any wishes of the client when organizing logistics chains, up to direct delivery to the customer's facility with all intermediate stages)
∙ Erection supervision works and pre-commissioning activities. Installation and start-up of equipment is carried out with our direct involvement
∙ Personnel teaching in the operation and maintenance of our equipment
∙ Warranty and after-sales service. Our company offers the highest quality services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of ACS equipment. The specialists will analyze the situation as promptly as possible and give recommendations on how to eliminate any defects using remote analysis technologies and, if necessary, a situational visit of a specialist will be organized.
Developed and supplied automation systems
RUV (cascade of the flotation machine control system, air flow and slurry level)
Smart Cyclone (hydrocyclone control system)
Smart Control (flow analysis of the pulp composition, sampling and sample delivery)
Smart Ion (ionometric analysis system)
Smart Tech (SCADA, Advanced Process Control)
Smart Dosing (reagent dosing systems)
ACS Desorption (ACS complex of a gold recovery plant)
ACS periphery (conveyors, slurry separators, flow meters, density meters, ventilation, temperature, etc.)
About Smart Control System

The system of flow analysis of the slurry composition named Smart Control is intended for the selection, delivery, preparation and analysis of slurry products of beneficiation plants in online mode.

The use of Smart Control allows you to obtain data on the quality of pulp products (percentage of elemental content) and send them to the upper-level system (Advanced Process Control). The data acquired allows you to control the qualitative and quantitative indicators on an operational basis, which is necessary for the optimal operation of the equipment of the beneficiation plants and the mining complex as a whole.

The system was developed by NOVOMEK in cooperation with Xore®™ (Sweden).
Composition Smart Control

System includes:
• Sampling and sample delivery equipment (vacuum or intersected sampling instruments, sample delivery pumps)
• Sample preparation stations
• Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer
• Automated workstations
• Auxiliary equipment (control cabinets, cooling system, high voltage generator, etc.)

Standard models are represented by systems for 16 and 24 points of sampling, delivery, preparation and analysis of pulp products (Smart Control 16 and Smart Control 24).
Examples of our works
The NOVOMEK company has successfully delivered and brought into operation many automated systems.

The most notable of them:
Nurkazgan BP
Scope of supply of the delivered system:
• Smart Control 16 (maximum number of analysis points - 16)
• 11 vacuum samplers
• 2 intersected samplers
• Prepared room (temperature, humidity, automated workstations of operators, etc.)
• Integration systems with SmartTech SCADA (maintaining an error-tolerant database and transferring data to the dispatching office of the plant)

Structural configuration of the technical complex Smart Tech (Nurkazgan BP)
Zhezkazgan BP. GK1
Completion of the delivered system:

• RUV. Slurry flotation (8 complexes). With an integrated control system (middle level of ACS)
Zholymbet Gold-processing Plant, Aksu GPP, Bestobe GPP
Scope of supply of the delivered system:

• Desorption ACS (desorption section control complex)
• Smart Dosing (cyanide, copper sulfate, xanthate, sodium carbonate)
• Smart Cyclone (ANGTsU control complex)
• Peripheral ACS (flow meters, density meters, conveyor systems, temperature control, pH sensors etc.)

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