The NOVOMEK corporate group provides services for technological research, design, construction and supply of equipment for ore beneficiation plants
We engage in a successful business aimed at the implementation of technical and technological tasks related to the enrichment of mineral raw materials. The company presents aspects, the combination of which provides the desired synergistic effect for the most rapid return of the expired costs by the Customer and maximum profit.

These aspects include:
  • Carrying out of works on the development of technological regulations
    or the processing of various types of ores (R&D)
  • Engineering and design of beneficiation plants
    and other production areas (E&D)
  • Development and production of a wide range of equipment
    ensuring the achievement of the projected technical and economic indicators, including Automated Control Systems of all levels
  • Automation
    design, development, production, commissioning and start-up of any types of automated equipment and all systems of industrial process automation
  • Building and assembly works
    construction of new and reconstruction of existing beneficiation plants (BP)
We execute projects of any complexity on a turnkey basis

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