Building and assembly works in the NOVOMEK group of companies are assigned to a separate division and are carried out on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the NOVOMEK KAZAKHSTAN Limited Liability Partnership.
The category 1 license (No. 20008940) allows to implement any projects in the following areas:

• Arrangement of engineering networks and systems, including capital repairs and reconstruction;
• Construction of roads and railways, including capital repairs and reconstruction;
• Installation of technological equipment, pre-commissioning activities;
• Special work in the ground;
• Erection of load-bearing and (or) protective structures of buildings and premises (including bridges, transport overpasses, tunnels and overpasses, other artificial structures), including capital repairs and reconstruction of facilities;
• Specific construction and installation work on linear structures, including capital repairs and reconstruction.
The experienced team of NOVOMEK KAZAKHSTAN LLP has been solving the following tasks to the best advantage for more than 10 years:
Building and assembly works on a turnkey basis
Engineering procurement on a turnkey basis
After-sales service
Project management from idea to commissioning
New technologies in construction
BIM (Building Information Modeling) instrumentation - the successful use of this technology allows consolidating the work of specialists from all divisions of the Group of Companies on the BIM360 AutoDesk platform.

At the same time, the following tasks are solved to the best advantage:

• general access to the project and the latest relevant changes in it within 24 hours from any location (office, business trip, construction site, etc.);
• collaborative work with files (development, correction, discussion);
• search and operative elimination of design errors before/during construction;
• maintaining and displaying the entire history of changes made to the project during the construction process (saving all versions with automatic display of current ones);
• forming parts of the executive documentation;
• 3D visualization (demonstration material for presentations).

Current projects
1. Modernization of sections No. 1, 2 of slurry flotation of GPP No. 1 with replacement of "Mekhanobr 7" flotation machines with "MEK 25"

2. Reconstruction of GK-2 GPP-1,2,3. Block-1 with a capacity of 3,5 million tons per year

3. Reconstruction of the beneficiation plant "Nurkazgan" with an output of 4,0 million tons per year using a ball mill 4,6x8,2 m in the second stage of grinding and installation of one press filter.

4. JSC MMC "Kazakhaltyn" Mine "Bestobe" Reagent department

5. JSC "MMC Kazakhaltyn". Aksu Mine, Main Building. Desorption department

6. JSC "MMC Kazakhaltyn". Zholymbet Mine. Main building. Desorption department.

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